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Tarring Priory will run lots of fun sessions over the Bowls Big Weekend 2024

Friday 24th May

6.00 pm to 8.00 pm

Saturday 25th May

10.00 am to 4.00 pm

Sunday 26th May

10.00 am to 12.00 pm

Can't make the big bowls weekend!

Interested in trying bowls?

Tarring Priory can offer that chance.

 Please contact Stuart Logan via email at 

and a taster session can be arranged with bowls instruction.

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Thank you to all our
new and prospective members

Take the next step and become an active bowler at Tarring Priory

Jim Davis appointed to run Tarring Priory Coaching 

As the newly appointed coach of Tarring Priory Bowls Club I am writing to introduce myself and outline the coaching that will be available to all members free of any charge. I have been coaching for over 10 years utilising the methods and procedures of The English Bowls Coaches Society (EBCS).

For new bowlers four sessions, each of one and a half hours, will be necessary taking the bowler through all basic aspects of the game. Times and dates will be negotiated between the coach and bowler as conveniently as possible. At the initial session the member will be shown details of what each session will cover and will be theirs to retain after completion of the four sessions. Additionally the new bowler will be handed a booklet "New Bowlers Getting Started" containing information about the club and the game of bowls which can act as a reference document for the future. This booklet is also available to all existing members @ £1.50 per copy. Upon successful completion of the four sessions a certificate of achievement will be issued.

For existing bowlers coaching is available for any aspect that they may feel required some improvement and slow motion video can be offered to highlight certain specifics such as stance, delivery etc. Additionally ideas on purposeful practice routines can be offered.

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Click on the logo to email Jim

It has been agreed that for those new bowlers who have joined the club within the last couple of seasons a skills competition will take place on Saturday 31st August 2024 from 10.00am which will be free to enter. There will be six disciplines to partake in with points awarded in each one. The winner will be determined by total points scored overall. Details of the disciplines will be posted on the new coaching noticeboard when it has been erected  in the near future thus giving you the chance to practice these as often as you would like.  This is a unique opportunity to participate in a club competition among those of similar abilities as opposed to facing vastly more experienced bowlers. It is also the club's way of making you feel more welcome. To enter please email me using the link above.

I look forward to seeing you  on the green between May to September.

Kind Regards

Jim Davis

Wednesday Evening Coaching

Look out for the new season programme


A massive thankyou to our trained coaches and volunteers for taking the lead in these sessions and we look forward to our new 2024 members having a go - get in touch with John Fairs to confirm your continuing interest in becoming a Tarring Priory bowler. Bowls can be provided for you for these first few sessions.

Weds Taster

Want to know more about Bowls
then check out our
Help Topic Page

Future additions will include

  1. Sign language and bowls

  2. What type of bowls should I use

  3. Setting up a rink 

Help topics include:

  1. Leads, 2s, 3s and Skips

  2. The Role of The Marker

  3. Types of Shots to play

  4. Etiquette in Bowls

  5. Competitive Bowls and Competitions at Tarring Priory

Make sure you have access to the Members Area of this website - you will be given a password when your membership is approved

Also do join us for organised spoons matches or regular roll up sessions on Friday Mornings at 10am. These are the perfect session for newbies and learners.


Click the blue button to send an email to Kevin Tester (recruitment officer) who will give you details about playing at Priory and set up a time for an introductory roll up - Summer season April - September only

If you are new to the area; considering changing your club; or simply thinking of taking up the sport, then Tarring Priory Bowls Club might just be the place for you. As a club we offer a warm welcome and have a lot to offer both male and female members who seek competitive or social bowling in a very friendly atmosphere. An introduction to the game as well as all necessary bowls instruction is available from our Club Instructors. also have a look at our 'Play Bowls' page

An application form can be downloaded by clicking on the link button;  or you can use the blue button above to email one of our members to ask for information.

Tarring Priory BC Policy Statements

Youth Membership

Tarring Priory Bowls Club is pleased with its continued success in giving the opportunity for youngsters from the age of eight years upwards to become Junior Club members. The Club is committed to promoting a safe environment in which they can enjoy taking part in games of bowls. Every child, who must have the written permission of a parent or guardian, will be given tuition under the guidance of the Club's Youth Development Officer who is also an experienced Instructor. Further information and an application form may be obtained from the Hon. Secretary.

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