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Monday Aggregate League

The Aggregate League 2023


  • Any member may attend and there will be a cost of £1.50 per player per session.

  • Formats will be worked out to accommodate the number of players who turn up

  • Teams will be drawn on the day and matches will be no more than 18 ends (except 3 way singles - 21 ends).

  • The winner of the league will be the player who has the best aggregate from the matches they have played in.

  • Only the players top 5 scores will count for the final aggregate.

  • The winner will receive 40% of the money paid in to the prize pot. The Runner Up will receive 20%


 The Aggregate League was played for 9 consecutive weeks starting May 2nd  

Mondays 6.00-8.30 pm


The Aggregate League Rules approved by the Competition & Handicap Committee Feb 2018

Week 9: A big win by leader David Fairs ensured the money and the title were his - Mark Harwood ensured second place and a cut of the prize money.

2023 Money Pot
£1.50 x 106 = £159.00 
DAVID FAIRS - £63.60

The Money Pot grows each week as each competitor adds £1.50 per session

Previous Winners.

2023  David Fairs

2022: Terry Urben

2021: Alan Messer

2020: Not Played

2019: Mike Meadows

2018: Alan Messer

2017: Alan Messer

2016: Alan Messer

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