2018 STATS

This page is for the people who like numbers and statistics, or even just the odd bit of name dropping or spotting.


It now contains lots of information about the 2018 season.


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Some interesting bits to get you started


  • Derek Meechan, Wally Burrows, Stuart Shwartz, and John Schools played every possible match (13) of the 2018 WSBL Division 1 league season. This was John Schools second 100% year

  • Derek Meechan was the top performer in the WSBL Division 1 side, finishing on the winning side 8 times, drawing once and achieving 3 top rinks whilst doing so.

  • The highest rinks shots score in the WSBL Division 1 side was 31. This was achieved just once by a rink skipped by Matthew Smith.

  • The only ever presents in the victorious Stracey Shield team were Mike Meadows and John Proffitt.  Butch Shakespeare was top Stracey player with 10 wins from 12 appearances.

  • We played 20 Friendlies in 2018 and managed to win 13 of them, better percentage wise than our record breaking 2017 effort.

  • 15 Players appeared more than 10 times each in friendly matches. 

  • Best performing friendly player in 2018 was John Proffitt with 11  wins from the 20 matches he appeared in.

  • Roy Barclay played in a massive 36 games for Priory this season, Ray Bancroft, John Proffitt, and Peter Thorpe all played over 30 times in a Priory shirt against other teams. 

  • Ray Bancroft was our most successful bowler winning 19 of the 33 matches he started.

  • Top Skip for 2018 was Roy Bland.

  • Wally Burrows was our busiest league player adding another 10 Stracey appearances to his 13 WSBL 1 games. 

  • Despite an indifferent year in Cup Games - John Schools and Stuart Logan were the top men

  • If you managed to play in every game this season, WSBL Team, StraceyTeam, Cup Matches, Friendlies, Monday Triples and Aggregate League you would have played a staggering 74 times, making your season ticket exceeding good value. If you had entered our 12 other competitions and tragically, lost in the first round of each you would then have achieved 86 matches for the season and that season ticket would be even better value, but to get to the 100 maybe you should think about joining the VPs and West Sussex Tourists too.

Please feel free to have a look through all these numbers and facts about the season - but at the end of the day - its just bowls and definitely not life threatening. The seasons ranking points are available elsewhere on the site and the three year rankings are available in the members only part of the site.