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Indoor Matches and Leagues

Tarring Priory is essentially an Outdoor Club - but- .

We have entered an Indoor 'OUTDOOR' League at WIBC - this will offer us 9 fixtures - roughly one a month.

We also will continue with the Goring Manor Challenge Cup 5 Rinks but this year Outdoors

There will be one further friendly against WIBC and another v WPIBC in March

Challenge trophy.jpg

The Challenge Trophy 2023-24

A Series of Matches played against Goring Manor @ Worthing Indoor Bowls Club.

Goring won the Challenge for the first time in 2022 in a one match shoot out

The 2024 Challenge Trophy 
will be contested over the

2 Outdoor Friendlies in September


2022-23 Goring Manor

2021-22 Tarring Priory

2020-21 Tarring Priory

Club Leagues 2023/24

Many of our members play at Worthing Indoor Bowls Club during the winter.

WIBC runs Rinks and Triples Leagues on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays

The link above will take you to the league results page of the WIBC website

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