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Adur - Indoor Outdoor Clubs Event

Two Priory teams competed in the Adur Indoor event for Outdoor Clubs on Saturday 11 February.

The team of Mark Harwood, Roy Barclay, Amber Logan and Stuart Logan won all their group matches to come second in the group and then won the 3/4 playoff against Rottingdean.

The other team of Linda Harwood, Geoff Sheldon, John Fairs and Rob Kinley won the first three of their group matches but, in what was notionally a shootout for group winner, narrowly lost to Goring Manor in the last. GM then lost to Southwick Park in the final.

A very successful day for Priory.


Tarring Priory Annual Dinner
Jan 27th 2023

The evening also gave us the opportunity to say thank you to Wally Burrows who has now retred from Committe life and handed the running of the 50 club onto Butch Shakespeare. 

Wally was presented with a small token of the cubs esteem and we wish him well for the future and hope to see him at the Tarring Priory matches in a spectator capacity in the warmer Summer months


Our Annual Club Dinner was held at Worthing Indoor Bowls Club and was very well attended by members their families and friends of the club.

The food was as always delicious and beautify prepared and presented and full marks to Kevin Tester for his part in making sure the correct food got to the correct recipients, Kevin is in fact one of the main drivers of the event and deserves our fullest praise. He even masterminded a photo quiz of sites around Worthing to entertain us whilst not eating.

John Profitt ran the raffle and was ably assisted by Gus Roberts. John enjoys the role of front of house and as usual gave us a memorable event.

Witterings Open and the 'Wiggy' Open


Well done but hard luck too for Derek Meechan, John Fairs, Chris Ide and Alan Messer who for the second Club Open in a row came third. A fantastic effort by any ones standards


July 15th 2022

The 'Charity' fundraiser

Well done everyone who had anything to do with this fine event - you raised £1400 for our chosen charity - The Ashdown Project

Winners of the Southbourne Open
12 June 2022

Derek Meechan Roy Barclay John Fairs Emilio DiPietro


Adur and Worthing Council have successfully installed a green watering system at our green. The photos show the system being tested.

Our watering crew are very pleased that they can now have that extra hour in bed. Thank you Adur and Worthing.


Our Pavilion in use for a Council preview of plans for Tarring Park

Annual Dinner 2022


The evening was a hugely successful event. Over £1,000 was raised through the raffle and promissory notes towards a Defibrillator.


The food was exceptional as was the service, I have written to Mandy thanking her and the team.

Prof was great masterminding the raffle,  wry comical. The raffle itself raised £300.00.

Kevin Tester

Event Coordinator

A team from Tarring Priory were successful in winning their section of the Worthing Indoor Charity Fours on 25/9/21.

The successful four were

Derek Meechan, Roy Barclay, John Schools and Alan Messer

Pre War picture - note the string used to mark the edge of the rinks.


Rare 1939 photo of the Tarring Priory Green taken from the St Andrews Church Tower

TP 1939

Police Advice


Club advice to members in the event of being faced with abuse or trespass onto the green is to dial 999 and call for Police assistance - do not under any circumstances attempt to take the law into your own hands.

For Older News Visit our Archive Sections

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