SCB Representative Matches - 2021 

Priory Players selected to represent Sussex in 2021

Stuart Shwartz

Stuart Logan

Alan Messer

  • BOWLS DORSET Wed 09 Sept

Keith Brinsmead

The Pullen Cup

SCB Div 4 Vice Patrons

Fixtures and Results 


Some Priory members subscribe to the SCB Vice Patrons Fund. This entitles them to put themselves forward for selection for SCBA Division 4 VP Matches. The VPs play friendlies as well as an Inter Divisional league competition - the Billingham League. They also contest the  Pullen Cup KO annually with Div 1, 2 and 3.

In 2021 Ray Baker, Keith Brinsmead, John Fairs and Alan Messer have made themselves available for VP matches. A further 10 TP players have subscribed to the VPs but elected not to play.


If you want to play for the Div 4 VPs in 2022, make sure you let John Fairs know and he will pass your information on to Rod McBeth the Division 4 controller.


Use this link to see all 2021 SCB VP fixtures and teams selected


Tarring Priory Players Selected for VP matches in 2021

Friendly Matches


John Fairs, Alan Messer, Ray Baker, Keith Brinsmead

League and Cup Matches


Alan Messer



The Div 4 VPs had won the Billingham League for 9 successive seasons but, 2021 was the year of Division 2, and we must begin afresh in 2022. 

The Div 4 team once again reached the final of the Pullen Cup in 2021 and were successful in their defence of the title. Alan Messer skipped a winning rink in the final.