The Tipsters Challenge

A Little Bit of History . . . . .

Back at the start of the 2012 I started to make suggestions as to who would win our various club competitions. I achieved about 40% accuracy. The Competition Secretary really should be able to do better than that I hear you say. In fact lots of club members did say just that! The Tipsters challenge was born out of this friendly banter.


The challenge was opened to all club members. Half of all entry money received would go the winning 'tipster', the other half would be given to support club funds. In that first 2013 season, there could only be one winner - You are correct it was me!


So we moved on to the 2014 challenge. Sadly my ability to see the future totally deserted me and left the title open for another crystal ball gazer to grab. The man who won both major club titles the Championship Singles and the Championship Pairs was John Fairs, and he made himself an incredible treble winner by taking this prestigious title. 


At the completion of the 2015 Competition, the final leader board read Alan "I'm back" Messer 34, John "I'm Still Here" Fairs 34, Ann "Watch out next time" Paine 25. Who won the money depended on the tie break, which was who had correctly identified the most champions.


Butch Shakespeare romped away with the 'Tipsters' in 2016. John Fairs was second again, and Nick Eager finished in third place.


Order was restored in 2017 as Alan Messer sneaked in with the last bowl to be " Tipster Supremo" once again! 


In 2018 the entry fee and therefore the prize money was increased. This enticed 16 entrants and of those 16 - the man with his finger on the pulse of bowls for the season was Ted Hood. 

John Schools after being pipped at the post in 2017, stormed the Tipsters Challenge in 2019 and is already looking forward to more easy money in 2021


Alan Messer (Ex Ace Tipster)


This is believed to be the crystal ball John Schools borrowed from Ted to win the now almost World Famous Tipster Award for 2019

02/06/21:Entry Forms Published

18/06/21:entry closed

23/06/21: updated after Champ Singles and HC Singles prelim round completed

12/07:21: updated current leader - Nick Eager 

16/07/21: updated - 3 way tie for the lead


Past Winners

2019 John Schools

2018 Ted Hood

2017 Alan Messer

2016 Butch Shakespeare

2015 Alan Messer

2014 John Fairs

2013 Alan Messer