Monday Night Triples League

In spite of Covid-19 Stuart has been able to put together a programme for the Monday Triples League for 2020. Please ensure you follow the club regulations for staying safe and healthy on the green. Click on the buttons below for more information. 



WEEK 1: Competition got under way on the 13th. Stuart Shwartz, Alan Messer and John Schools all saw their teams win in this the first serious encounter of the season. 

WEEK 2: Team Shwartz with a win over Team Messer leapt to the top of the table. Wins for Team Brinsmead and for Team Fairs gave them some satisfaction but not as much as the point Brighton got against Newcastle at the Amex to ensure Premiership football again in 2020-21.

WEEK 3: A draw with Team Schools was enough to keep Team Shwartz at the top of the table. Wins tonight for teams Brinsmead and Barclay ensure that all teams are still capable of success and able to mount a winning challenge for the title.

WEEK 4: Another victory for Team Shwartz maintained their lead over Team Brinsmead, a win for Team Messer moved them up one place to third.

WEEK 5: Once again, Team Shwartz won, maintaining their position at the top one point ahead of Team Brinsmead. The rest of the pack are now some way behind.  A first win was recorded for Team Barclay. The other winners were Team Brinsmead

WEEK 6: We are now on the home straight and coincidentally if your team scored 11 in this particular session you were going to lose. Wins for Brinsmead, Messer and a resurgent Barclay were the order of the day. 

WEEK 7: Team Brinsmead took a significant step towards the title by recording a 25-16 win. Teams Messer and Shwartz are in what look like a battle for the Runners Up slot - tonight it was victory for Messer over Shwartz 22-11.

WEEK 8: They think it's all over - and yes I agree! Team Brinsmead after a victory in week 8 are now unassailable. A few teams can still come second - and what do you get for second!!

WEEK 9: the result of the league was known last week and indeed Team Brinsmead continued to show their dominance. The second place is now between Messer and Barclay

WEEK 10: The Brinsmead team cruised to another win and Tea Barclay sneaked into second place with an 18-16 win in the final match against team Messer. 



Keith Brinsmead, Emilio DiPietro, Butch Shakespeare, Michelle Slater & Ray Baker