Monday Night Triples League

Competition Secretary Stuart has put together a programme for the Monday Triples League for 2021. Please ensure you follow the club regulations for staying safe and healthy on the green. Click on the buttons below for more information. 



WEEK 1: Nick Eager was certainly a man in fine form in helping his team to a massive 21-4 victory. This was  even more impressive as it was achieved in just 10 ends on a rain affected evening.

WEEK 2: What a wet summer - another rain restricted evening limiting play to 10 ends

WEEK 3: Scorchio tonight, Wins for Logan, Messer and McCabe. The upshot is that Stuart Logan's team now top the league with a 100% return.

WEEK 4: Stuart Logan's side go from strength to strength and have now opened up a 4 point gap at the top of the table.

WEEK 5: A 19-16 win for Nick Eager's team leapfrogs them into second place, but the runaway leaders with a 100% from 5 games is Team Logan.

WEEK 6: The big hitters this week were John Fairs team, but Stu Logan's team march onwards with a 100% record

WEEK 7: All 3 of the top teams won and Stuart Logan' side now only have to avoid 3 massive defeats to be champions. The race for the RU spot is between Fairs and Messer

WEEK 8: CONGRATULATIONS to Stuart Logan and his team who now have enough daylight between themselves and second place to be declared champions. The fight for the runners up spot is still in the balance.

WEEK 9: Another week and another win for Team Logan. The competition for second is still open with the advantage slightly moving to Alan Messer’s team.

WEEK 10: The winners were already standing proudly on the podium, but the race for second took lots of turns and twists. Alan Messer's side went down by one shot to Stuart Logan's side which put them out of the running if either John Fars or Nick Eager won. They both did which put them on level points, remarkably they were also level on shot difference. Even the head to head results could not separate them! John Fairs players eventually were declared runners up on Shots scored. 



Keith Brinsmead, Stuart Logan, Ted Hood, Amber Logan, Ray Elliott & Ian Robertson