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2017 Playing Season
Contact the webmaster for reports about the Tarring Priory A Team, B Team and Friendly Teams
as well as notes about individual and personal bowls achievements by Priory Members

Playing Records by Priory Teams in 2017

A TEAM          P    24      W    10      D     1      L    13

B TEAM          P    15      W     3       D     0      L    12

FRIENDLIES   P    27      W   17       D     0     L   10

ALL TEAMS     P   66      W    30      D    1      L    35

2017 SCB Competitions Success

2017 Nick Eager qualified for his county badge



The 2017 Tipsters Challenge results are  published here. Check out how the

race to be the 2017 champion was run.

Lest we forget . . .

Tony  passed away on Saturday 21st October 2017. He  joined Tarring Priory in May of 1995 and was a regular member of friendly sides and roll ups. Tony was an out and out lead bowler and used his Classic 2's to good effect. He enjoyed his social bowling and competed regularly in the Friday 'spoons'. Tony was indeed successful in this competition and the photo shows him receiving the Atkins 'Spoons' Cup from President Derek in 2015. Sadly soon after this Tony became debilitated with a form of Alzheimers and gradually due to the nature of this cruel illness he became less able to join in the sport he so enjoyed. In happier times though Tony was a member of winning Monday Night Triples teams in 2003, 2011 and 2013. He also introduced his son Mark to the game, and Mark remains a member at Tarring Priory.  

 Tony Simmonds



 Tony Broad



Tony sadly lost his battles against a number of diseases which had weakened him in recent years. He passed away in the early hours of Wednesday 12th April 2017. He first joined our club in July 2003 and will be fondly remembered by many at Tarring Priory. His nickname of 'marbles' was earned through his use of size 1 woods, which could appear small next to the size 4 and 5s favoured by many players. Tony was an out and out lead bowler and was until 2015 a regular player in our friendly fixtures both at home and away. He also involved himself in the life of the club as one of our most recent 'Spooons' co-ordinators. indeed he won the Atkins 'Spoons' league in 2009 and again in 2012. Away from bowls, Tony had a great interest in Greyhounds and his dogs provided him with many a winner over the years.

David was a stalwart member of Tarring Priory for many years. He first joined our club in 1999. Between then and 2017 he picked up a few club bowling honours along the way. He was the Atkins 'Spoons' Champion in 2007. Two seasons before that, in 2005 he was a member of the team that won the Monday Evening Triples League.


It is in his role of 'Spoons' Co-ordinator that David will stir the memories of Priory members. With his helper Barry Parris he ruled the Friday 'spooners' with a rod of iron, yet the demeanour of a friendly headmaster.

 David Light

1934 - 2017

Reminders of Priory bowlers who  passed away in 2016 can be found in the club archive pages.

Stan Burvill, John Treasure, Peter Plumb

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